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Eden Health Industry Holdings Limited

Eden Health Industry Holdings Limitedis the ultimate parent company of the Eden Group (Group), which contains Sichuan Yidun Biotechnology Development Co Ltd (Eden PRC), the entity responsible for the Group’s Chinese operations.

Eden PRCis a modern agricultural science technology company, whose main operations involve the cultivation and sales of kiwifruits, and manufacturing and sales of kiwifruit related deep-processing products, including kiwifruit wine and kiwifruit tablets.Eden PRC leases and operates a 1238 mu kiwifruit plantation and continues to invest in the research and development of kiwifruit related products with a strong emphasis on quality.

Since its incorporation in 2011, the Group has collaborated with rural co-operatives by providing them with kiwifruit cultivation education, on-the-job training and supervision. As part of its quality control, the Group supplies fertilizer and seeds to the rural co-operatives to ensure the plantations of various rural co-operatives are of consistent standards. At the end of 2012, the Group leased land and commenced its own kiwifruits cultivation in order to better control the quality of its kiwifruits and to achieve a higher profit.





Jing Xiang

President & Founder

CEO of Eden

Ms Jing Xiang has been responsible for the establishment and streamlining of the management mode and operation workflow for the Company. She possesses a broad base of knowledge and over 17 years’ experience in the kiwifruit industry. During her time at Eden PRC she has led the implementation of a new marketing strategy through the use of e-marketing and traditional marketing strategies


From 2000 to 2013, Ms Jing Xiang was the Vice President of HongYang Kiwifruit Development Co. Ltd. where she spent a number of years leading the sales and marketing team. She brings a broad range of skills and experience in ranging from product quality through to internal control and company budget systems during her time as the head of HongYang Kiwifruit Development Co. Ltd.’s finance department.

From 1993 to 2000, Ms Jing Xiang was English teach at Jiangnan Town Middle School in Guangyuan City, where she was awarded "Excellent Teacher" Medal.

Ms Jing Xiang holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Yibin University.


Wenzhang Yang
Executive Director

Mr Wenzhang Yang is currently the General Manager and Chief Agriculture Officer of Eden PRC. His responsibilities include high-level decision making, client relationship development, public relations, managing production and business operation, developing and implementing strategic marketing plans to achieve key financial performance indicators and developing innovative initiatives to enhance internal efficiency and effectiveness. He is also the technique expert in the planation of kiwifruit and supervises the progress of cultivation of kiwifruit.

Prior to his role as the General Manager of Eden PRC, from 2011 to 2016, Mr Yang was the assistant to the General Manager of Eden PRC. From 2008 to 2011, Mr Yang was the assistant to the General Manager of Hunan Jiuding Technology Group Ltd.

From 2000 to 2008, Mr Yang served as administration officer of Hunan Institute of Nationalities and The Fourth Middle School of Beijing.

Mr Wenzhang Yang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Hunan Normal University.



David Batten
Non-Executive Chairman

Mr David Batten has over 25 years of experience in financial markets with more than half of those years spent in a managerial role. His specialty has been in derivatives where he has experience in the bullion, equities, commodities, foreign exchange and interest rate markets.

Mr Batten has primarily worked for large foreign banking institutions such as Bankers Trust Australia, Goldman Sachs, JBWere and the Republic Bank of New York (both in Sydney and New York) within the corporate arena.

Mr Batten is currently a non-executive director of ASX-listed dairy business, China Dairy Corporation Limited (ASX: CDC) and a non-executive director of ASX-listed property development business, Boyuan Holdings Limited (ASX: BHL).

In addition to his ASX listed company directorships and other business interests, Mr Batten is currently the ASIC Responsible Manager for Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba’s payment gateway company, Alipay.

Mr Batten holds a double degree in Health and Physical Education from the University of Wollongong and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance from Curtin University.



Yukang Fu
Non-Executive Director

Mr Yukang Fu is an experienced event planner and organiser and has considerable experience in organising community and charity events. He is currently the Director of Project Management and Strategy Planning of Chengdu Hejiahuan Culture Communication Co. Ltd. where he successfully planned and organised 47 major marketing promotion events over 200 days. Prior to his role at Chengdu Hejiahuan Culture Communication Co. Ltd, he was an operation clerk at Chengdu Zhixin Life Style Co. Ltd and planned and organised various major cultural events with each event attracting over 10,000 attendees.

From 2001 to 2012, Mr Fu served as the director of Shuanglin Road Community at Chenghua District of Chengdu City.

Mr Fu holds a Bachelor’s degree from Xuanhua Artillery College.


Dr Saliba Sassine
Non-Executive Director

Dr Sassine is the founder and managing director of BlueMount Capital, a capital markets advisory group. Dr Sassine is a highly experienced executive across corporate finance, merchant capital as well as serving as Chairman or Managing Director of a number of public and private companies across biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, natural products and resources.

Dr Sassine has served as Senior Ministerial Advisor at State Government level and was also advisor at National level. He chaired a number of government working parties and committees, including representing Western Australian on the National Prices and Incomes Advisory Committee. He has served on the Senate and Council of two universities in Western Australia and served as Chairman of the Perth Theatre Trust which controlled the major performance venues in the State with around $1 billion in assets. Dr Sassine has a First Class Honours Degree from the University of Western Australia and is a Doctor of Philosophy from the same university.

Dr Sassine is currently the independent non-executive chairman of Boyuan Holdings Limited (ASX: BHL).



Mr Jeremiah Thum
Non-Executive Director

Mr Thum is a registered company auditor and ASIC approved self-managed superfund auditor with over 10 years’ experience in providing audit and assurance services to various industries such as government agencies, aged care, engineering and construction, clubs, gaming, financial services (superannuation and insurance), child care, retail and manufacturing.

Mr Thum is currently the managing director of Independent Audit Services Pty Ltd specialising in providing audit assurance service to companies and association, not-for-profits organisations such as registered charities to small and medium SMEs.

Mr Thum is currently a non-executive director and company secretary of Soon Mining Limited (ASX: SMG).